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A pioneer in the early stages of the domain name industry, where I developed the first-ever Domain Parking platform in the UK, along with various other algorithms and technologies. These innovations generated millions in revenue for my business and clients such as Yahoo Inc, 123-REG & MIVA Inc through monetising web traffic. As a result, my company was acquired by 123-REG / Webfusion Ltd in 2008, one of the largest hosting companies in Europe.

I remain highly engaged in all areas of software, technology, domain names, and innovative thinking. I have consistently helped both online and offline companies to increase their revenues and online presence without fail.

I enjoy getting involved in new projects and have been a mentor at multiple Hackathon events in London.

I also own a portfolio of over 10,000 premium domains, such as :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SMS.UK,, VPS.UK,,,,,,, GPS.UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, among others.

I also provide assistance to private clients in acquiring internet real estate and have worked with clients such as celebrities like Piers Morgan and large corporates like Sony. I have also been featured in various internet and business-to-business publications discussing the importance of owning the right domain name and the power of social media.

My areas of expertise include:

* Blockchain Technology
* Web3
* Geolocation-based Applications
* Custom Software Development and Automation
* Mobile Applications
* Monetization of Internet Traffic
* Pay-per-click Advertising
* Search Engine Optimization
* Near Field Communication
* Augmented Reality
* Social Media Interaction
* Domain Research and Acquisitions
* Domain Monetization
* Mentoring
* Email Marketing Campaigns
* Mobile Marketing (Text/SMS)
* Investment Funding (SEIS/EIS)
* Internet Consultancy.

My goal : To develop a website, app, or brand that becomes a household name globally.

Please feel free to connect if you wish to discuss any of my domains (or) possible business opportunities.

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